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There are currently 8 names in this directory beginning with the letter I.
In the Money
A phrase to describe a trader making a profit.

A weighted average of preselected stock prices that is used to measure a section of the stock market. Some popular indices are the NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and S&P 500.

A progressive increase in prices of goods and services within a country, which in turn reduces the purchasing value of that country's currency.

Initial Margin
The first deposit a customer makes, which then determines their maximum trade size.

Initial Margin Requirement
The minimum amount for a deposit to enter a trade position.

Interbank Rate
The interest rate on loans that one bank will offer to another bank.

Interest Rate
The fee paid for borrowing money. Interest rates fluxate as they are affected by Central Banks and inflation.

Introducing Broker
A broker with a direct relationship with the client, but delegates the transactions and trades to another broker.