Safety Matters

The safety of your funds is our highest priority


CFDInterbank is a registered brand of Glastrox Trade Ltd. Glastrox Trade Ltd. is a licensed Investment Firm regulated by the Marshall Islands Business Corporation Act with authorisation number 91438.

Securing clients’ funds

All client money is fully segregated from the company’s financial property and held in separate accounts of world-class banks. We only use our own funds for hedging, and striclty prohibit using clients’ funds in operation or any other investment.

Investor Compensation Fund

In compliance with Law 144(I)/2007, CFDInterbank is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund. In the event of the company being unable to return to its clients funds or instruments owed to them, or funds which belong to them, but are held by the company because of providing investment services, clients are entitled to relevant compensation.


CFDInterbank uses innovative SSL certification technology – Rapid SSL. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol which provides data encryption and secure website authenticaiton. This protocol (https) encrypts communication between the server and the client, so that even if a third party accesses the data through an http connection, it will be completely indecipherable.

Safety FAQs

To protect your login, make sure it’s strictly personal.
Do not share your password with anyone, even if you know them well. Change your password frequently.
It is highly recommended not to turn on the option of saving your password in your browser.

We use secure gateways for processing all your financial transactions. At CFDInterbank we’re using the most trusted SSL solution on the market – RapidSSL.

We require our clients to obtain insolvency insurance.

We at Double Trade will never ask for your password in an email, Facebook message or by phone. Ever.
Beware of phishing emails, which can ask you to perform various actions, especially click malicious links or open attachments in an attempt to extract your personal information.

You should only log in from secure networks and computers. Make sure to only use trustworthy websites.
Our highly skilled IT specialists guarantee the security of all our websites.

Our IT team reminds you to regularly update your operating system, web browser and antivirus programs.

Phishing is a type of fraud aimed at obtaining sensitive data (username, password, credit card details and other account information), in which an attacker disguises themselves as another person or even an institution. Phishing emails can ask you to perform various actions, especially click malicious links or open attachments in an attempt to extract your personal information. Cybercriminals often rely on social networks to gather data on victim’s background and interests, that is why this scam type is an example of using social engineering techniques to compromise web security.

Pharming, like phishing, is used for online identity theft, and it is even a more sophisticated method. A pharming attack redirects you from a legitimate website to a forged one, which often looks identical to the page you are used to seeing (this may include pages of your financial institution, Amazon, eBay and other ecommerce or online banking websites). Even though the website address in your browser may look the same as a valid one, you will not be on the legitimate server. The easiest thing you can do to prevent a pharming attack is to check the accuracy of the URL address and that the HTTP is changed into an https when asked to fill in personal information.


Your funds are secured by reputable banks.

Every transaction goes through safety gate.

Preservation of your personal details is a matter of course to us.

We own all the licenses needed for providing investment services, which were issued by the Marshall Islands Business Corporation Act.

Bankruptcy insurance is guaranteed.