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VIP is suited for those who have recently begun trading and investing through the platform and are ready to level up. With an idea of where you want to take your investments, we will provide you with the resources to equip you to go further. Benefit from accessing our webinars, video content and extended support service. With a minimum deposit of $10,000, you can have access to 0.5 pips spread lower than normal on Forex Majors. Join the discussion on our Investment Forum and receive expert guidance to help build upon your skills and grow your portfolio.


Our dedicated team are here to assist you at all times of the day, wherever you are in the world.

Flexibility to trade in the currency that suits you best. You can deposit and withdraw cash in foreign currency quickly and reliably.

Cutting edge technology at your fingertips. Metatrader 4 is your digital assistant, armed with trading instructions and account administration.

In depth live technical analysis through an easy to access web-app to help you effectively trade with a range of clients.

Access the information on your device, wherever you are.

Take in exclusive content with the latest in the world of trading and investments

In depth guidance through our platform to help you begin your trading journey. In addition to the features on the standard account, enjoy online training from real traders to help you improve the way you trade.

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    Familiarise yourself with our platform and experiment with investments in our demo area, risk free. Without spending a penny, you can measure potential outcomes and find a strategy that works for you in real-time market conditions.

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    Risk free for beginners

    Real market conditions

    24/5 technical support

    Metatrader 4

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    Also known as FX, involves in trading with foreign currencies, crossing daily volumes of 4.5 trillion dollars.


    Known to almost everyone these days, being part of all global stock exchanges, allows anyone to share profits of corporations.


    These are securities traded on securities exchanges, and are one of the most popular instruments of earning.


    An ancient method of trading, is still in fashion, but only on a much larger scale.


    Although not very popular, but this market puts investors’ trading skills to test.


    Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital currencies acting as a medium of exchange, built with the help of cryptography.